Thank you Dr GuptaTattvavit Dasa

I took the seminar on Ayurveda when visiting Mayapur and learned to do a self-massage with oil. I have done this self-healing massage weekly for about twenty years, with herbally infused sesame oil made by Dr. Gupta. I feel its benefits in renewing my vitality.

Tattvavit Dasa

A Whole New ExperienceTraci Webb

I have studied with Dr. Gupta several times in an immersive workshop setting over the years at my center in California, USA.  My experience of studying with him has been profound in my personal and professional transformation.  I have studied with many Ayurvedic teachers over the years both from India and the USA, however, the… READ MORE > “A Whole New ExperienceTraci Webb

Traci Webb
Arcata, California. USA

Learnt So Many Things From Dr GuptaKathy Eisenhart

I really enjoyed the time I spent with Dr. Gupta. My favorite part of my training was making shatavari ghee with fresh shatavari root instead of the root powder that we have to use here.  And the making of chayavanprash with his father Vaidya Narottam lal watching over. Great memories.

Kathy Eisenhart
Humboldt Bay, California, USA

My journey of Ayurveda with Dr. GuptaBhadra Dasi

I first met Dr Liladhar in 1992 in New Zealand. From that time until very recent times, I have consulted him intermittently on a number of different physical issues, from skin conditions to arthritic complaints. These consultations have been both in New Zealand and in Vrndavana. My body has always responded very well and promptly… READ MORE > “My journey of Ayurveda with Dr. GuptaBhadra Dasi

Bhadra Dasi
New Zealand

Thank you Dr. GuptaJayanti

I first met Dr. Gupta in Wellington NZ in 2007 at his introductory talk and his simple and straight-forward presentation of this deep, ancient science impressed me very much. So when he returned to NZ in 2008, I immediately booked my place in his workshop. His teaching style is so effective and humorous that it… READ MORE > “Thank you Dr. GuptaJayanti

New Zealand

His tips of healthful eatingDas Jagjeevan (Jagdish Prasad)

I miss the many hours we spent together when Dr Gupta Bhai stayed with us and the fond memories of him enjoying homemade prasadam by my wife Sudevi Dasi. Things that I have cherished most were: Self-massage and the benefits. Doing it yourself then getting massaged by another person has greater benefits. I regularly follow… READ MORE > “His tips of healthful eatingDas Jagjeevan (Jagdish Prasad)

Das Jagjeevan (Jagdish Prasad)
ISKCON Temple President (Wellington)

Thank you Dr. Gupta for trusting me DeAnna Batdorff

Learning experience
I have been sitting at the feet of Dr. Gupta’s teachings for over 15 yrs. I first met him in America, he was doing a teaching & Consultation tour And I hosted him at the dhyana Center. Everyone loved his teachings, traditions and support. He is quite funny, emotionally invested and makes… READ MORE > “Thank you Dr. Gupta for trusting me DeAnna Batdorff

DeAnna Batdorff
Founder-dhyana Center of Therapeutics, Inc. (United States)

Always Liked Learning from Dr GuptaMahavan & Khadiravan

I always liked learning from Dr Gupta, he is a very interesting teacher with a wealth of fascinating knowledge about Ayurveda. He taught me a lot about having a routine in my day, eating well and taking care of myself which has been valuable to me throughout my life to try my best to follow.… READ MORE > “Always Liked Learning from Dr GuptaMahavan & Khadiravan

Mahavan & Khadiravan
New Zealand

Dr Liladhar Gupta, my teacher for over 20 yearsShona Page

I have been studying and practicing Ayurveda with Dr Gupta for over twenty years. He has taught me, and many other students, much about self healing routines that have enabled me to be mindful of what I am doing to and with my body, to monitor how my body responds, to make the necessary adjustments… READ MORE > “Dr Liladhar Gupta, my teacher for over 20 yearsShona Page

Shona Page
New Zealand

How ayurveda changed my lifeEmma Kelly

Learning of Ayurveda from Dr Gupta has changed my life. I first met Dr Gupta in about 2005 in New Zealand and my experience is that he is someone with profound knowledge who genuinely wants to share Ayurveda and help others. The extent of care and teaching I’ve experienced from Dr Gupta is hard to… READ MORE > “How ayurveda changed my lifeEmma Kelly

Emma Kelly
New Zealand

My long journey with AyurvedaAlexendra Kroes (Sandra Kroes)

My name is Alexandra (Sandra), I am from Holland. Since 1993 I have the diagnosis Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic nerve disease. I was suffering in the sense of severe fatigue (no energy) and nerve pain in legs and feet, plus other symptoms. From the beginning in 1993 I rejected pharmaceutical medicine, they suppress the… READ MORE > “My long journey with AyurvedaAlexendra Kroes (Sandra Kroes)

Alexendra Kroes (Sandra Kroes)

Dr. Gupta has so much to offer the worldKamil Lakshman

Dr Gupta came in my life in New Zealand when I was struggling to cope with multiple pressures some 20 years ago. The lessens learned then provided me with tools to cope with many stressors of living in a western society, it has withstood time and the knowledge imparted of “Ayurveda as it is” has… READ MORE > “Dr. Gupta has so much to offer the worldKamil Lakshman

Kamil Lakshman
Lawyer Principal, Wellington

Dr. Gupta: An inspiration for meElke beier

I met Dr. Liladhar Gupta in 2005 at a workshop in Abentheuer (Germany). The theme was “Ayurvedic Self-Healing and Prevention”. This holistic philosophy of Ayurveda is only partially known in Germany, mostly in connection with wellness, oil massages or cooking with Indian spices. Dr. Gupta had a funny and competent way of conveying these connections… READ MORE > “Dr. Gupta: An inspiration for meElke beier

Elke beier

It’s been so long…Ishka McNulty

I met Dr.Gupta in Auckland way back in the 1990s. I was an Ayurveda student at a local wellness college and one of our students knew him and invited him to talk. Later on he gave a course in Auckland which I attended. Back in 1996 I went with a group to visit India. Part… READ MORE > “It’s been so long…Ishka McNulty

Ishka McNulty
Brisbane, Australia

Ayurveda: Wonderful gift to meJann roy (Kamlaya)

Ayurveda has been a wonderful gift to me that has affected my life in so many ways.  Although I was originally diagnosed as unable to conceive a child, Ayurveda healed my body and enabled me to have 2 healthy children.  Using kitchen herbs and spices for everyday remedies helped me to care for my family. … READ MORE > “Ayurveda: Wonderful gift to meJann roy (Kamlaya)

Jann roy (Kamlaya)
New Zealand

Dr. Gupta’s heartfelt passion for AyurvedaLisa Walters

I was first introduced to Dr.Gupta in Vrindavan. I was on a trip for pleasure with my friends and became ill. At first, we called a western medical doctor, who came to our guest room and gave me a shot. This treatment was completely ineffective. After days of things getting worse, the owners of the… READ MORE > “Dr. Gupta’s heartfelt passion for AyurvedaLisa Walters

Lisa Walters
California, USA

Dr. Gupta’s knowledge of Ayurveda: A rare giftGretchen Leary

I was introduced to Dr. Gupta through my studies at California College of Ayurveda (2008 graduate) and was fortunate enough to be able to visit Dhanvantari Dham in the spring of 2016. I was about halfway through an architecture graduate program where I was working part-time and going to school part-time and also completing a… READ MORE > “Dr. Gupta’s knowledge of Ayurveda: A rare giftGretchen Leary

Gretchen Leary
Portland, OR, USA

Thank you Dr. GuptaChitra-lekha

I first met Dr. Gupta as his patient with spinal cord injury in NewZealand in 1993. Dr. Liladhar Gupta is brilliant at taking the pulse, his expertise and knowledge in the field are remarkable. I really appreciate what he has done for me over the years  


Dr. Gupta’s honest approach for treatmentRichard Cole Radhamohan

I found Dr. Gupta to be a very friendly and approachable person, with high family values. The treatment was certainly beneficial especially in the long term because as you know it’s all about a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.  He is honest and open about that, which helps.   

Richard Cole Radhamohan
London, United Kingdom

My apprenticeship with Dr. LiladharAriandna Landman

I can vividly remember my early learning years with Dr Liladhar Gupta back in India. The days were hot and dry, filled with sunshine and an unquenchable eagerness to learn the secrets of Ayurveda—the hidden knowledge I felt was not available at school.Every morning with a spring in my step, I enthusiastically headed  to my… READ MORE > “My apprenticeship with Dr. LiladharAriandna Landman

Ariandna Landman

Self-healing & harmony in lifeThomas Koshy


I have taken the self healing class from Dr. Gupta while he was visiting America. He takes you through the fundamentals of Ayurveda and teaches you the easy steps by which one can accomplish self healing and harmony in life. I definitely recommend his class as well as authentic Ayurveda treatments which he provides with… READ MORE > “Self-healing & harmony in lifeThomas Koshy

Thomas Koshy
Texas, USA

I still refer back to my notesDr. Anastasia Norman MD

I had the pleasure of studying with Dr. Gupta for three months during a study abroad program, while in medical school. I cannot recommend his teaching highly enough. For a western-educated physician-in-training, it was revelatory to study in an immersive environment, where I was taught ways to follow healthy, constitution-specific, daily routines and eating habits… READ MORE > “I still refer back to my notesDr. Anastasia Norman MD

Dr. Anastasia Norman MD
Portland, USA
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