I met Dr.Gupta in Auckland way back in the 1990s. I was an Ayurveda student at a local wellness college and one of our students knew him and invited him to talk. Later on he gave a course in Auckland which I attended. Back in 1996 I went with a group to visit India. Part of that trip included some time with Dr. Gupta taking us to some sites in Virndaban and elsewhere ending up at an Ayurvedic institute somewhere to the west (maybe in Rajasthan?). It was all very interesting. After I returned to Auckland I sold my house so I could spend more time in India. I gave your father some of the proceeds to help in the purchase and development of his Ayurvedic farm / ashram for growing herbs and treating the poor. While in India between 1998 and 2001 I traveled a number of times to Vrindaban to visit your family and stayed in the downstairs room. Since then I haven’t been back to India. I do remember seeing a documentary about the Ashram about 6 years ago and was very excited to see how it had grown and developed and that there was some recognition for it and him.

Thank you! Dr. Gupta