Dr. Liladhar Gupta in California College of Ayurveda

Dr. Gupta is the Member of board of advisory, California College of Ayurveda, California, USA.  Click here

Dr. Liladhar Gupta at 7th International World Peace Summit in Wellington

Invited as an ayurvedic speaker in the international peace summit March 2008 when Yoga in Daily Life Society (New Zealand) hosted the 7th International World Peace Summit in Wellington.

Dr. Liladhar Gupta featured in BBC Documentary ‘The Story of India’

The famous historian, Michael Wood, covered Dhanvantari Dham (our Ayurvedic treatment center) in a BBC documentary series in 2007. The documentary was titled as “The Story of India (Episode 3- Spice route and Silk roads)”.Mr. Wood was amazed when he saw how we are practicing the science of life which was extracted from the thousand years old manuscripts of Ayurveda.

The documentary series was broadcasted around the world through BBC Networks. (In India: Discovery Channel, 2008)  Click here   Watch Video

Dr. Liladhar Gupta: Session on health and immunity through Ayurveda

A webinar session organized by  Khandelwal Development Forum on health and immunity through Ayurveda and how to stay healthy during the lockdown. Dr. Gupta explained the tips of health without medicine and answeres queries from the attendees. Watch the full video 

Pinda swedana with Dr. Liladhar Gupta

A workshop organized by CCA and Dr. Liladhar gupta in Naveda City Campus, California (July, 2011). Dr. Gupta explained the basics and gave demo of Pinda Swedana (Technique for massage)Click here

Dr. Liladhar Gupta: 8-Day seminar on Ayurveda

8-Day Ayurveda seminar organized by India divine organization in Vienna in 2004. Dr. Gupta explained basic principles of ayurveda in the simplest manner. Click here