My name is Alexandra (Sandra), I am from Holland.

Since 1993 I have the diagnosis Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic nerve disease. I was suffering in the sense of severe fatigue (no energy) and nerve pain in legs and feet, plus other symptoms.

From the beginning in 1993 I rejected pharmaceutical medicine, they suppress the MS but don’t cure. Instead I took herbal medicine, and started to study natural medicine in Holland.

In 2003 Dr. Liladhar was in at Radhadesh in Belgium, where I attended his lecture. He inspired me a lot and he advised me to come to his clinic in India for a cure of 3 months. So that is what I did! India was a new experience to me and I came there alone, but Dr. Liladhar was very nice and caring, he said I was part of the family now. He organized a lot of things for me, it was reassuring me. I fulfilled the 3 months of the treatment. It was not always easy but I knew this was the right way. Dr.Liladhar also gave class, it happened that I was the only student at that time. That was very nice, I learned much of the basics of Ayurveda and Veda.

When I came back home in Holland, my general level of health was very good and the MS- symptoms had reduced dramatically. I was overwhelmed with joy and wished to spread this ancient knowledge of natural medicine to my country. So much, that we organized an Ayurveda week in Amsterdam with Dr. Liladhar. It was a lovely thing to do and we repeated it, because obviously people are hungry for this complete knowledge. During my stay, there was an other patient, an older man with Parkinson. He came to the clinic every day, and would then walk around a plant bed. Very slow and shaking. But every day it got better. After some weeks he was able to walk steady and went back home. Then he came back to the clinic some weeks later and I was astonished, to see him so well! Maybe he was also astonished but certainly he was very happy. He came to the clinic all by himself with public transport. He said, that he had not been able to do such for a very long time! That was 17 years ago. Since then I sometimes come to the clinic for a cure.

I am considering Dr. Lidadhar to be ‘my’ doctor and teacher and advisor.

Ki jay Dr. Liladhar!