I met Dr. Liladhar Gupta in 2005 at a workshop in Abentheuer (Germany). The theme was “Ayurvedic Self-Healing and Prevention”. This holistic philosophy of Ayurveda is only partially known in Germany, mostly in connection with wellness, oil massages or cooking with Indian spices. Dr. Gupta had a funny and competent way of conveying these connections between body, mind and consciousness. In Germany, the mentality prevails that someone is always responsible for something. The doctor is responsible for health, the employer is responsible for safety at work, the teacher for a good degree, the spouse for happiness, etc. In German culture, personal responsibility is only conveyed to a limited extent. Therefore, the content and philosophy of Ayurveda was new to most participants. I had always believed in the big picture, natural healing methods and self-determination. My unfinished philosophy of life got a “heading” through this workshop. Dr. Gupta’s empathetic and comprehensible explanation made the comprehensive topic understandable and clear. His practical examples also made complex theories catchy. The fact that he lives Ayurveda and not reported through it was already felt in the first few minutes of the workshop. Theory and practice alternated and interesting ways. It was never boring. I attended the same workshop as a refresher a year later. And even then I learned again, even though it was the same theme, it was new and exciting again. This is to be called Dr. Gupta does not teach according to a prefabricated curriculum, he teaches from the heart and responds very individually to his students. When necessary and appropriate, he responds comprehensively and deeply.

I was incredibly lucky to be able to visit him in India. I was able to get healing treatments in his clinic and enjoyed further lessons with him. Through this fertilizing care, I was able to recharge my batteries and gain strength and clarity.

I can recommend Dr. Liladhar Gupta as a doctor and teacher from my pure heart. He is an inspiration for my whole life.