I first met Dr. Gupta in Wellington NZ in 2007 at his introductory talk and his simple and straight-forward presentation of this deep, ancient science impressed me very much. So when he returned to NZ in 2008, I immediately booked my place in his workshop. His teaching style is so effective and humorous that it makes it easy to remember why we need to do things in a certain way to suit our doshas. Personally for me, his instructions on Ayurvedic self-healing massage, and cooking practices have been my saving grace over the years. In November 2019, my husband, Abhay, and I had the good fortune to spend some time again with him at his Vrindavan clinic, where he once again reminded us that we have to take care of the temple (our body) we live in otherwise we will be unable to take care of anything else. Thank you, Dr. Gupta!