Learning experience
I have been sitting at the feet of Dr. Gupta’s teachings for over 15 yrs. I first met him in America, he was doing a teaching & Consultation tour And I hosted him at the dhyana Center. Everyone loved his teachings, traditions and support. He is quite funny, emotionally invested and makes the classical applications of Ayurveda tangible for all to
understand. I have accomplished 6 student Tours to India and each one has surrounded Dr. Guptas’ wisdom, clinic and sacred village of Vrindavan.
Benefits from treatment and consultations
He is spot on with his diagnosis and knows what to offer for immediate support, as well as long term care. He has cared for my students and even myself during health issues that arose while visiting India and he figured out what was going on and handled it with care and attention to details. His sacred rituals and affirmations are quite a nice addition also.
Having Dr. Gupta’s medicine in my home, keeps me connected to India, his teachings and to stay with Ayurveda because it works! His ability to hold daily routines of Dinacharya for himself with such fun and excitement, creates a dutiful way to play with health and knowledge.
I am so very honored I was able to meet his beloved father and will continue to spend time in his gardens, making medicine and learning with dhanwantari in his classroom.
Thank you Dr.Gupta for trusting me with your knowledge and the willingness to share it with so many others.
Hari Aum