I was first introduced to Dr.Gupta in Vrindavan. I was on a trip for pleasure with my friends and became ill. At first, we called a western medical doctor, who came to our guest room and gave me a shot. This treatment was completely ineffective. After days of things getting worse, the owners of the guest house, suggested I call Dr. Gupta. I did, and he came immediately. He prescribed an Ayurvedic herbal mixture that I blended with honey and administered throughout the day. Dr. Gupta came the following day to check-up on my progress. My symptoms turned around and within two days I was able to leave the Guest House and resume site-seeing. My travel mates and I were very impressed by Dr. Gupta’s knowledge and heartfelt passion for this ancient and sacred knowledge. We went to see Dr. Gupta’s clinic and to learn more about what he and his father were doing with Ayurvedic medicine. We were so impressed that I offered to host Dr. Gupta in California so he could teach the Ayurvedic practitioners there. While staying in my home, he taught me some basics about Ayurvedic cooking and food preparation. These are treasured memories for me and my family and I continue to practice what he taught me today.