I can vividly remember my early learning years with Dr Liladhar Gupta back in India. The days were hot and dry, filled with sunshine and an unquenchable eagerness to learn the secrets of Ayurveda—the hidden knowledge I felt was not available at school.Every morning with a spring in my step, I enthusiastically headed  to my mentor’s clinic on Old Market Road, from where we would drive to the treatment centre for morning sessions. I distinctively recall one of the first mantras from the classic Sanskrit texts that Liladhar intoned and taught me: ayuh kamayamanena dharmarthasukha sadhanam ayurvedopadesesu vidheyah paramadarah,“Those who want to live a long life, to successfully accomplish meaningful purposes and to be wealthy and happy should hear and apply the teachings of Ayurveda with great care and attention.” For the past ten years, I’ve deeply appreciated every teaching on Ayurveda that I received from Dr Liladhar Gupta. Whilst following these hasn’t always been easy, I’ve found that it has given me a deep and solid sense of how to navigate today’s challenges with strength and security.