I have studied with Dr. Gupta several times in an immersive workshop setting over the years at my center in California, USA.  My experience of studying with him has been profound in my personal and professional transformation.  I have studied with many Ayurvedic teachers over the years both from India and the USA, however, the lessons learned and experiences received on how to truly live the ayurvedic lifestyle from Dr. Gupta is beyond compare. His ability to teach the depth of the day-to-day “ayurveda as it is” is incredible.

Of course Dr. Gupta has decades of study, training and experience, he is well versed in the ayurvedic as well as spiritual texts of India, and yet he has the ability to meet his students where they are at and communicate the most complex principles in the simplest of terms for his students to grasp the wisdom.  Perhaps even more incredible than Dr. Gupta’s oral education is his life training, whereby, through spending time with him, ayurveda is communicated at the deepest of levels because he himself embodies Ayurveda.  Any student who finds Dr. Gupta should consider herself/himself lucky to have crossed paths with the rarest of teachers of this caliber.  As an ayurveda teacher myself, I am forever grateful for all Dr. Gupta has taught me over the years and his wisdom continues to live on in my life and heart and those of my ayurveda students and clients.  Thank you Dr. Gupta.