I first met Dr Liladhar in 1992 in New Zealand. From that time until very recent times, I have consulted him intermittently on a number of different physical issues, from skin conditions to arthritic complaints. These consultations have been both in New Zealand and in Vrndavana.

My body has always responded very well and promptly to medicines he has prescribed, and has found their effects to be long-lasting.

Whenever I have visited him at the clinic in Vrndavana, which I understand is also your home, he has always been extremely warm, welcoming and friendly, and had time to sit and talk with me. He always remembers my family members by name, and inquires about their welfare. Indeed I regard Dr Liladhar as a friend as well as a doctor.

Once , travelling there in a car with Dr Liladhar and his father (which was the only time I met the respected Dr Narottam – I hope I am remembering his name correctly), I visited the Ayur Vedic farm outside the town of Vrndavana, and was most impressed to see all the Ayur Vedic herbs grown there, and the services being provided, as an invaluable assistance to the simple-living Vrajavasis.

I remember how, many years ago when he was a young man, Dr Liladhar was considering coming to live in New Zealand, but he said that before making the decision he would consult his father. Even although (from a Western point of view), as an adult he had the opportunity to make his own choices and decisions, faithful to the Vedic tradition which is the perfect way for the human race, he consulted his father. His father duly told him that he should remain at home in Vrndavana, which he did without question.

Similarly, I have often remembered how Dr Liladhar once told me about his teaching of the benefits of generations of family living together in the one home, in the Indian or Vedic way; and admired the way in which he practises this himself.

In these and many other ways, I commend Dr Liladhar’s practise of what he teaches, and how he has been a great example of correct, moral living in his life; an example which is of great value in today’s world.

I appreciate Dr Liladhar on a number of different levels, am grateful to have met him so many years ago, and for the health-giving and edifying influence he has had in my life.