Ayurveda As It Is


Once you know your constitution you will be able to make small adjustments in your diet and lifestyle that will help you stay in balance. 

Your Constitution

Vata Qualities
Dry hair
Dry skin
Light body frame
Very tall or very short
Flat chested
Cold hands
Cold feet
Poor circulation
Very active don’t like sitting in one place
Enthusiastic excitable natures
Creative and dramatic
Quick to learn but also quick to forget
Respond to stress with fear, worry and anxiety
Can battle depression when over stimulated by life

Pitta Qualities
Straight hair usually blonde or red
Medium height and build
Their body’s functions react to heat with skin rashes, heartburn
Burn food quickly
Strong appetites
Enjoy challenges
Quick learners
Born leaders, like to be in control
Goal focused sometimes to the detriment of everything else
When out of balance can be judgmental, resentful, and anger easily
Competition can create imbalance
Can be stubborn and pushy
Ambitious people who tend to be well off
Like to spend money and surround themselves with nice things

Kapha Qualities
Stocky body frames
Solid and well built
Soft full hair
Soft round eyes
Easy going and relaxed
Deep learners
Compassionate non judgmental nature
Tend to be over weight
Suffer from sluggish digestion
Gentle and undemanding
Slow to anger and not easily upset
Can get depressed
Don’t like change
When out of balance can become lethargic and lazy

Read through the descriptions of the three doshas below and discover if your constitution tends towards Vata, Pitta or Kapha, or a combination.  This can help you to work out how an imbalance is likely to occur within your body. When these doshas are balanced, they provide the positive qualities essential to remain healthy.  For an accurate constitutional diagnosis, to understand the subtle interactions of the doshas in mind, body and consciousness - a consultation is required.