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Dhanvantari Dham is an Ayurvedic treatment center, situated in Vrindaban, India, just a 3 hour drive from Delhi. Various treatments and programs are offered at the center by Dr Gupta and his staff.  More than 300 medicinal plants are grown at the project, their potency increased by traditional mantras.  The farming methods are all natural and organic, and there is a small temple. 


Individual consultations are available on request.  They include constitutional pulse diagnosis, discussion of current imbalances followed by advice on diet, lifestyle and naturopathic herbal remedies if required.

Pancha Karma

Dhanvantari Dham is a Pancha Karma retreat center. Pancha Karma is a body purification therapy that combines deep healing with total nourishment. Dr Gupta selects the appropriate Pancha Karma therapy for the individual person.  Fresh herbs are used in conjunction with steam baths, massage, and body cleansing (detox).  This is a 3-4 week residential fully individualized program.

Educational Programs

Individual educational courses are available for maintenance of health, preparation of medicine and treatment of diseases.

Mantra therapy

Mantra Therapy is offered with full Vedic Fire Ceremony for karmic diseases.


Charitable Dispensary

There is also a charitable dispensary, distributing free medicines for the poor.


Dhanvantari Dham

Dhanvantari Dham - Ayurveda Center
Dhanvantari Dham - Ayurveda Center
Fields of Vrindaban
Dhanvantari Dham Gardens - Ayurveda Center

Dhanvantari Dham was recently featured by BBC on the Discovery Channel (Story of India)

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Pancha Karma provides system rejuvenation and re-balances your immune system.

Dhanvantari Dham - Ayurveda Center

All courses, training and therapies are designed on an individual basis, according to the specific needs of the person. The patient receives exactly the therapies they require, along with an educational program for ongoing self-maintenance for their total health. To discuss your requirements and inquire about bookings and fees, please email Dr Gupta.

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