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Balancing the Doshas

To balance Vata:

Vata is governed by air and movement and people with vata constitution are characterized by love, creativity, change and expansion.  However at times they may be easily thrown out of balance.  If you have a vata dominant constitution you will benefit from having a daily routine with consistent meal times and a regular sleeping pattern.

According to their digestive capacity, vata types should eat plenty of heavy foods, such as hot cereal, whole cooked grains, hearty soups and vegetables, stews, spicy foods in moderation are generally ok for vata types, breads and warm desserts, and should drink lots of warm drinks (e.g. herbal tea). On the other hand, raw fruits and vegetables and cold beverages should comprise only a small part of a Vata balancing diet. Stimulants like smoking, alcohol, junk food, sugar, tea especially long leaf teas and green tea will aggravate vata types.

To balance Pitta:

Pitta governs heat, metabolism and transformation.  People with strong pitta are analytic, have clear understanding and make decisions easily.  However, when out of balance, people with a pitta constitution tend to work excessively and get out of balance.  You can balance excess pitta with foods that are cool, dry and heavy. As a result, it is important if you are pitta dominant to avoid over scheduling and to balance work and other commitments with sufficient recreation and leisure. Don’t skip meals, and avoid overeating at meals.

Pitta types are well-suited to a vegetarian diet, and benefit a lot from eating fruits, raw vegetables and cooling drinks.  You can also eat starchy vegetables, grains and beans, but should avoid spicy and overcooked foods. Stimulants like smoking, alcohol, coffee, pickles, vinegar, fried foods, spicy foods, fermented foods and cheese can aggravate pitta types.

To balance Kapha:

Kapha governs structure and fluid balance. Kapha types are easy-going, grounded, deliberate, peaceful and have long term vision. When out of balance Kapha people can gain weight easily and have difficulty getting rid of unwanted kilos, therefore regular exercise is important for maintaining your ideal weight.  If you have a kapha dominant constitution you should eat only when you are hungry and should consider doing a 24-hour liquid fast as often as one time per week.

Kapha types should take less ice cream, butter, milk, rich and sugary desserts, meat, and fried foods. They should eat large amounts of raw vegetables, fruits and beans, and you may improve your digestion by drinking hot ginger tea.

NB: Whatever your dominant dosha, the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition state that you should eat fresh unprocessed foods where ever possible.

Healthy Vata -controls movement

Healthy Pitta -controls metabolism

Healthy Kapha - controls immunity

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