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Liladhar was born an Ayurvedic family in Vrindaban , India.  All his life he has lived and worked in his home with 3 generations of Ayurvedic doctors and a large extended family.  So, from his childhood, he learned about Ayurveda in a very practical way, from his father, grandmother and other family members. The Gupta family is uncompromising in presenting and living their lives according to traditional Ayurvedic principles.

Later he completed his Bachelor of science (BSC)  and Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) studies at Agra and Jaipur Universities. After that, he learned pulse diagnosis from his guru - the late Vaidya Madan Gopa Sharma, a renowned professor of Ayurveda who lived in Jaipur.

Since 1992 Liladhar has travelled continuously, giving seminars, presentations and consultations throughout the world - Europe, Australia, Russia, Asia, New Zealand, South America and the USA.

His self-healing treatments are based on diet, preventative routine and prescribed herbs.  He concentrates on developing the immunity of the body to fight diseases naturally. He particularly specializes in spiritual chronic fatigue syndrome. 

He is a member of the Board of Advisors for the California College of Ayurveda.  He is frequently invited for Ayurvedic Teacher Training programs around the world. He is expert in presenting Ayurveda with full spiritual development.

He is based in India where he focusses on his Ayurvedic family project, Dhanvantari Dham - doing consultations, treatments and teaching.

Dr Liladhar Gupta

Vaidya Narottama Lal Gupta
Dr Liladhar Gupta

Above:   Vaidya Narottama Lal Gupta (father of Dr Gupta)

Left:    Dr Liladhar Gupta (BSC BAMS)

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